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OLA People Here and Now

Posted by Admin, 03 October 2011 · 24,397 views

Jane Beaumont has been appointed as the new chair to the CNIB National Board of Directors.

Ms. Beaumont brings a wealth of knowledge to her new post, including an extensive background in accessible libraries and core service delivery. After management positions at Utlas International, a groundbreaking company in the field of shared database and cataloguing services for libraries, she founded Beaumont and Associates Inc. As library and information systems consultants, the Company had clients in all sectors of the library community, including the CNIB Library, and in every province and territory across Canada.

A member of the national board since 2005, Ms. Beaumont served as the chair of the program and services committee. She is active on a national working group to promote and implement the Initiative for Equitable Library Access, a partnership involving all levels of government, public libraries and CNIB as key stakeholders.