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OLA People Here and Now

Posted by Admin in OLA Headline Stories, 01 November 2011 · 31,377 views

Nigel Tappin, Regional OPLA Councillor Central East and Information Service Coordinator at Huntsville Public Library, takes up a new position as Head of Reference at the Manitoba Legislative Library in late November. After almost ten years at Huntsville and over 20 as an Ontario public  librarian with Huntsville, North York, and elsewhere, Nigel  looks fo...

A Holiday Reflection

Posted by alessyaq in alessyaq's Blog Continued..., 15 December 2010 · 2,923 views

The holiday party. The time of year we all wait for in the hopes of catching our boss drunk (hopefully) or the cute coworker under the mistletoe (even more hopeful).  In the library industry where we are cooped up all day behind a desk, this is the time where we can ‘let our hair loose.’  Or is it?

    Having discussed with friends and family in other pr...

Niagara Falls Review at OLA Super Conference

Posted by olbaadmin in olba Headline stories, 11 March 2010 · 3,400 views

By Monika Seymour, Special to the Review  www.niagarafallsreview.ca  March 6, 2010

Niagara Falls, Ontario (map) - The annual Ontario Library Association Super Conference took place in Toronto last week and several of our staff took the opportunity to attend the meetings and workshops to glean new ideas and programs -- and to catch up on the latest trends...

Welcome to the Education Institute Blog

Posted by olaEducation in Education Institute Blog, 27 November 2009 · 2,946 views



Posted by in What are Users' Expectations?, 05 December 2006 · 3,078 views

In the latest AccessOLA.com poll, 89.9% of respondents agreed that the expectations of library users are changing and another 7.88% said expectations were changing a lot. Let us share our observations on how we think those expectations are changing. Give us the anecdotes and examples that are giving the impression. Our collective view can be important to...

911 Service and the role of libraries

Posted by in on my mind, 04 October 2006 · 3,080 views

Terri Tomchyshyn, president of the Ottawa chapter of CASLIS, had an interesting post on that group's blog about recent  media reports on how the public abuses the 911 emergency service.

What role can libraries fill here? If people are calling 911 to find out about road conditions or weather information, is this a gap that can be filled by librarians?...

OLITA Board Meeting

Posted by in OLITA Blog, 28 March 2006 · 3,250 views

The OLITA Board will be meeting at the University of Guelph on Friday, March 31, from 9:30 – 2.  If you are thinking of coming, don't, unless you are actually on the Board.  If you want to be on the Board, please send a cheque for $400 to me and I'll see what I can do.