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OLA People Here and Now

Posted by Admin, 01 November 2011 · 31,445 views

Nigel Tappin, Regional OPLA Councillor Central East and Information Service Coordinator at Huntsville Public Library, takes up a new position as Head of Reference at the Manitoba Legislative Library in late November. After almost ten years at Huntsville and over 20 as an Ontario public librarian with Huntsville, North York, and elsewhere, Nigel looks forward to a challenging new environment. After greatly enjoying service on OPLA Council and committees in 2010-2011, he regrets leaving soon.

As OPLA Election Nominations Chair for a little longer, Nigel urges others to nominate themselves by the November 15 deadline for vacant offices including OPLA Divisional Vice-President and Councillors for North West, Mid Central and Metro Toronto Regions (see http://www.accessola...=2177-3421-3428).