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A Holiday Reflection

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The holiday party. The time of year we all wait for in the hopes of catching our boss drunk (hopefully) or the cute coworker under the mistletoe (even more hopeful). In the library industry where we are cooped up all day behind a desk, this is the time where we can ‘let our hair loose.’ Or is it?


Having discussed with friends and family in other professions, it seems to me that librarians have been jipped all these years. As a teenage page, the holiday party consisted of free pizza in the staff room and there couldn’t possibly be anything better than that! I remember still having to pay for my own printouts, so the library treating me to two slices of pizza?? That was heaven. Then, the years went by and the holiday party graduated to a local restaurant. Of course, each paying for ourselves; so it

was less of a ‘holiday party’ and more of a ‘night out with your coworkers,’ which looking back, I could’ve used the time for a real holiday party. But anyway, socializing is always fun and I was happy none the less that we were going out like a ‘real company’ (still naïve at this point). Fast forward

to today and the lustre for the holiday party has almost completely died away. Now it’s not that I don’t like holiday parties because my calendar is full, but when I began hearing about other professionals who celebrate in halls complete with a four course meal or a FREE night out on the town courtesy of the boss, I couldn’t help but grow envious and wonder, ‘I’ve put in almost half my life into this job and I’m still waiting for a perk.’ Now, I understand that we don’t slave all hours of the night with the bottom line constantly on our minds, but we do work hard day and night (and weekends) for something more important: people. And we all know that happy people create happier employees and happier students, soooo maybe all those rich companies out there should be throwing us library workers a holiday party

this year as a thank you. A thank you for keeping their communities engaged, informed and for providing all those things that aren’t allowed to be used once the office is closed, like a computer. Heck, at this rate, I’d be happy with even just a Christmas card.

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