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Canada's Copyright Modernization Act

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Canada's Copyright Modernization Act is Re-introduced. Here is an excerpt regarding education and libraries:




How will educational institutions, libraries, archives and museums benefit from this Bill?


This Bill includes a number of measures that will allow educators and students to take advantage of digital technologies.


Most significantly:


It expands fair dealing to recognize education in a structured context as a legitimate purpose.

It provides for a specific exception permitting educators to use publicly available material from the Internet.

Teachers will be able to connect with students in remote communities across the country through technology-enhanced learning. The Bill will allow learning institutions to offer the same opportunities to a student in Nunavut as to one in Edmonton.

Libraries will no longer be required to deliver interlibrary loan material in paper form; electronic desktop delivery of materials such as scholarly or scientific journal articles will be permitted.

At the same time, there are safeguards to protect the interests of copyright owners.


What is fair dealing, and why is it being expanded?


Fair dealing is a long-standing feature of Canadian copyright law that permits certain uses of copyright material in ways that do not unduly threaten the interests of copyright owners, but which could have significant social benefits — but only if they are fair.


Fair dealing is not a blank cheque. Currently, fair dealing in Canada is limited to five purposes: research, private study, news reporting, criticism and review. To recognize the important societal benefits of education, parody and satire, the proposed Bill would add these three elements as new purposes to which fair dealing applies.


More detail at:


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