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  1. By Monika Seymour, Special to the Review www.niagarafallsreview.ca March 6, 2010 Niagara Falls, Ontario (map) - The annual Ontario Library Association Super Conference took place in Toronto last week and several of our staff took the opportunity to attend the meetings and workshops to glean new ideas and programs -- and to catch up on the latest trends and resources available. It is truly amazing to behold more than 4,500 library people in one place over the conference days. All sectors of libraries in Ontario are represented: Academic, (technology), special, board members, (school) and public. Usually the meeting takes place at the end of January and the event is renowned because there is always a snowstorm, which would be expected in January. But, if you can believe it, we still had one, even with the date change! One highlight is the excellent slate of speakers the organizers schedule for the plenary sessions, and this year we were not disappointed with the likes of Lt.-Gen the Honourable Romeo Dallaire (Retired), a true hero and outspoken leader for the 21st century. His talk had the audience mesmerized, as he shared his vision of the place of Canada in the world. Politics aside, his humanitarian sentiments are thoughtful and compelling. His best-selling book, Shake Hands with the Devil: The failure of humanity in Rwanda, along with the 2008 film adaptation are available at our libraries.
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