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  1. Additional Resources: Question Period - Public Gallery Instructions: Question Period - Public Gallery Instructions.docx
  2. Not for re-distribution: sample AMO/ROMA materials: AMO Conference Postcard.pdf FINAL - OLA - Narrative and AMO REVISED clean.pdf Banner Stand (1x).pdf
  3. OLA is a member of the LAC Stakeholder Group. This forum is for documents distributed to the stakeholder group and of interest to the broader OLA membership. Digitization Criteria (english): Digitilization Criteria EN_Jan 2016-REVISED.PDF Criteres-numerization (francais): Critères-numérisation FR_janv2016_RÉVISÉ (2).pdf
  4. Thanks for commenting Frances! We actually invited all MPP's and our hope for next year is that we will even have more meetings scheduled. We do hope OLA members will also meet locally - particularly with those MPP's who were not able to join us at Queen's Park. Thank you for considering a one-on-one with your local MPP - it is the personal visits that count!
  5. OLA-FOPL Letter - Minister of Education.docx OLA-FOPL Letter - Minister of Tourism, Culture & Sport.docx
  6. OLA Meeting Guide.pdf Overall Schedule - Library Day 2015.pdf Lobby Day Map - Queen's Park.pdf
  7. Messaging & Asks - Library Day 2015.pdf Info Sheet - E-Resources Challenges in Ontario.pdf Info Sheet - Ontario's Public Libraries.pdf Info Sheet - Ontario's Academic Libraries.docx Info Sheet - Ontario's First Nations Libraries.docx Info Sheet - Ontario's Rural Public Libraries.docx Info Sheet - Ontario's School Libraries.docx
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